Friday, October 9, 2015

New Blog Design

Hm.. I haven't done designing in a while but I'm pretty happy with what I did with my work. Of course I don't do html designs but ya gotta manage by what you know how to do! xD I personally use pixlr to do my graphics and find pictures often involing like: tumblr border designs, tumblr backgrounds, tumblr black & white, or like tumblr transparent images. So yeah I pretty much just use tumblr a lot as a key word cause tumblr has some really nice pictures.

I kinda noticed I may of put too much pink, but I guess it does match my background! Anyways I will probably put up a review of Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead soon! ^^ And by the way have you guys heard of those book adaptions to tv shows? I have and I'm pretty excited to watch them. Especially the one for Cassandra Clare's book The Mortal Instruments, which I hope will come out not cliche and with a good plot line. I'm also hoping it won't be a mess like the movie, I mean I liked the actors but the movie just didn't stay true to the book that much. Though I do think that the tv show has better casting than the movie. 

Until then, Cindy :)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Coldest Girl In Coldtown

The Coldest Girl In Coldtown
By: Holly Black
Published: September 3, 2013
Source: Library

*I won't judge you guys if you want to skip this paragraph since its pretty long, I tend to go on and on about something I really like x.x But I applaud those who read this cause it'll be worthwhile I hope! 8D*
This book.. is really really something I've never seen before. It wowed me! I didn't really expect to see it but I saw Lady and the Tiger mentioned in this book a couple of times, like in the beginning and finally the end of the book. Wow, I may be wrong but I feel like maybe the book was based on the short story The Lady and the Tiger. This short story was one that I actually read and wrote a report about for English class my freshmen year and may I say *if the author really got the inspiration from the short story* that she has done an amazing job incorporating this story into the book. In the short story, there is a king and his beautiful daughter, the king ruled over the land and would punish people who he deemed where doing bad things. When he caught the people who were doing wrong, he would always bring them to the arena to be judged. When they are at the arena, they are presented with two choices, pick the door on the right or the door on the left. Simple right? No. The hard thing about this is that you wouldn't know which door held what, one of the doors would hold a tiger who would eat you alive in the arena and the other door held the most eligible and most beautiful girl in the land and you would get to marry her. This was a heinous judgement but the citizens wouldn't care since it was a source of entertainment to them. Now here comes the part where it involves the "Lady", don't forget the king had a daughter, and what father isn't protective of their daughters? Well the thing is, his daughter went and got herself a boyfriend who she was really in love with right under his nose and when he found out he was furious. He immediately separated his daughter from the man she so very much in love with and brought him to the arena to be judged. The princess who desperately wanted to get her lover out, resorted to do the thing her father, the king, would never think. She betrayed him and went to find out which door held what. So when the day of the judgement came, she told her lover which door held what and he trusted what she had said and chose a door. Hm.. somethings missing! I forgot to mention she has motive to lead the man she loves to his death! Why you may ask? Well its because as I said earlier if you pick the door that doesn't have a tiger behind it, you get to marry the most beautiful girl in the land and you guys guessed right! The princess hated that girl with a passion, she'd seen the way the girl looked at her man and she didn't like it. So yes in the end of the short story it doesn't tell you what happens after the boy picks a door because they want to leave it up to people's imagination. For me I personally think she lead her lover to his death because she couldn't bear the thought of her lover loving anybody else other then her. Psychotic? No, not really, nobody would want their lover to marry somebody else so why wouldn't you chose the option? But then again maybe it is, since she is basically saying "IF I CAN'T HAVE HIM, NOBODY CAN!! MWAH HAHAH".

Whew I felt like I was writing my English report all over again, which by the way I aced. xD Though I feel like this would've been maybe a tad better. Well anyways I really liked this book! It was amazing and I loved her character development. Tana was faced with two choices, leave the possible vampires who could totally suck her dry, or risk it all to save them. She chose the latter and it changed her life, LITERALLY. The moment she did that, she in a way chose the door to the Tiger or I guess the Vampire. I guess the two doors in this story would be Human, or Vampire. Tana's development in this story was seriously amazing, she had seen so many things but toughed it through and never changed. She never wanted to be a vampire but maybe in a way she did and her fate was sealed the moment it collided with Gavriel's. I mean you gotta love him, mysterious? Check. Total hunk? Check. Sane? A bit questionable but Check! Sarcastic? Check! He's got everything I love. ♥♥ One thing, I kinda wanted more in this story was more of Gavriel's background. It was really interesting learning about him, especially about his old life with Lucien. I really would've loved to see a chapter in his narrative. So yeah I kinda wanted to see more of his past, if Holly did like a side story with Gavriel as the main character and it's in his p.o.v and about his past that would be awesome! But alas I don't think that will happen.

So until then, Cindy x)

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Book Haul of September-October

So here's a post to just remind you guys I am not dead! xD I just have been so busy these days, and my schedule just shortens the time I get to read but I have gotten quite a collection of books from the library this month (actually last month) so here goes! x)


Well these are the books that I have gotten, and so far I am reading The Coldest Girl in Coldtown and it's pretty amazing, I just love her writing style, it's so good plus her story line is amazing it has so many twists and turns in the book which I love!! ♥♥ Also I'm currently on the Sarah J. Maas train cause I just discovered her book Throne of Glass last month and it was so good and I was really lucky to grab the second book from the library which I am so happy about! xD The only book I'm iffy about in this haul is Young Elites, because I didn't like Marie Lu's other series Legend.. but I'll give it a try since others say it's pretty good. 

I can't really give you guys an exact schedule of when I'll update but I'll try to be as active as I can. The next review I can probably do is sometime this week or next week. (here's a dose of my life, lol) Gosh freshmen year in high school felt so easy, but now sophomore year just feels so busy since I have sports practice and homework to do. x.x I've been trying new things in my life like eyeliner which I like but still can't get the hang of it for a right look, and nail polish which I never really used much before. Nail polish personally feels so hard to use, how do people put on nail polish so perfectly? HOOOWWW?! Well.. clearly a dose of my life is too weird for you guys to handle so I'll stop now. xD So anyways thank you to those who patiently waited for my updates! :)

Until then, Cindy x)